Copper foiled stained glass is definitely an versatile kind of construction for producing stained glass. Panels can be done with very intricate designs and detail. The possibilities are endless. In addition to stained glass panels, additional options include boxes, fireplace screens, picture frames, doors, mirrors, sidelights, cabinet inserts, transoms and sun catchers only to name a few.

Before you start your the stained glass project, here are a few essential tools and materials you'll need.
  • soldering iron
  • glass cutter
  • glass grinder
  • running pliers
  • breaking pliers
  • variant of stained glass for design
  • temperature controller
  • solder
  • copper foil
  • finishing compound
  • flux

How to make Stained Glass

  1. Take a project – This is just tied to your imagination
  2. Choose or create a pattern – You can find patterns in internet books and also in magazines or maybe you have your own patterns
  3. Choose the glass – The choices are unlimited. Check out any local stained glass store to view their options
  4. Take a paper to make templates and trace pieces of pattern under the glass
  5. Score the glass with using glass cutter to install the pattern pieces - Hold the cutter like you do to a pen or pencil. Do not press too hard, it may break the glass. score the glass softly and you will hear soft scratching.
  6. Use breaking pliers and running pliers to get rid of apart the score lines - If cutting a straight line, you are able to snap the glass with the hands.
  7. Use the glass grinder, shape and smooth the glass for the final fit of your pattern
  8. Wrap each piece of glass by copper foil - It will allows the solder to adhere on the glass
  9. Assemble the pieces of glass according on the pattern
  10. Apply flux to foiled pieces of glass and solder seams - This step need practice and time. Always try and don’t give up. With serious practice you are going to achieve the solder seams you would like.
  11. Attach zinc frame - This provides stability on your piece of stained glass. Measure the height and width, then cut the zinc to adjust to piece. Solder the corners, then solder adjacent solder seams towards the zinc frame
  12. Remove flux residue – use commercial flux remover or possibly a combination of baking soda and dish soap
  13. Apply patina - It is needed to draw focus towards the glass and design instead of the solder seams.
  14. Clean and polish - This step can give the shine to your project and brilliance you are interested in.

Following these steps can provide magnificent stained glass creations which you are going to appreciate. Do not forget to place the stained glass be employed in front of light sources that can tremendously raise the brilliance of your respective work.

Simple light sources may include a window, a lamp or another possible types of light. This light obviously could be natural or from bulbs.

Soon, you will learn how to better perform the steps included in making stained glass. There will be an occasion when you step back and look at your creation and recognize that no wherein the entire world, perhaps there is another creation, like the one you recently produced. I guarantee this will likely spur you on your next one.

Now all you have to do is enjoy work over and over again.

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Today, the demand of insurance is entered into a crucial stage. However, public awareness of insurance is still low. This is because information and insurance benefits have not been understood by the public yet. Sometimes, a person feels fine when in a safe condition. However, regrets if it has been affected, such as the loss of valuable things or people who are most beloved.

Insurance you must have
Insurance exists to protect valuable things in your life. It also includes the results of operations and all the wealth of your hard work during the work. For that, you need to prepare insurance to support it. There are various existing insurance, as varied as the agencies that provide them. You may not be able to meet all of them. However, you need to have this 3 insurance.

1. Health Insurance

Until now, the cost of healthcare and treatment is still fairly high, in many coutry. When your family member is ill, of course, you need to allocate more funds to be able to recover it. Quite often if the cost of treatment is often destabilize the family economy.

Maybe you think it does not matter if a mild illness, such as flu, colds, or fevers. However, you will surely panic if the illness is cancer or a malignant tumor. The thing that makes you to think of having health insurance. Total expenditures for health insurance will be comparable to the quality that you receive when exposed to the disease.

There are many health insurance that you can choose. Maybe you're lucky if your company has an office or your health insurance guarantees.

2. Auto Insurance

If you have a car and live in a big city, you should consider to have auto insurance. Why? Because living in big cities with big population, driving posibble to get accident is big. The risk of accidents is diverse, ranging from crashing, getting hit, the demands of third parties, to lose your vehicle.

Auto insurance is usually get automatically when you're buy the vehicle by debt or credit. However, people often do not pay attention to insurance when car loan has been paid off. In fact, accidents when driving can happen anytime. For that, you can extend your insurance policy by paying attention and protection of the insurance provider. If you feel less, you can buy additional insurance ( extended insurence ).

There are 2 types of auto insurance, the TLO ( Total Lost Only ) and comprehensive. TLO insurance usually only protects your vehicle if it is stolen or in an accident with damage levels above 70-80%. And comprehensive insurance protects you from any kind of risk of accidents in accordance with the standards insurance crash in each country. But, there are some exceptions that you need to read more from insurance companies, so read carefully the condition that you will get from insurance company.

3. Home Insurance

Home is one of the property investment you need insurance to protect it. That's because the house is a treasure that could be the most expensive that you have. The risks that could damage your home is diverse, such as fire, flood, until the fall of the aircraft to your home. The amount of protection you cover based on the number of building area multiplied by the cost of construction of houses per square meter. For the price you do not need to own land fill.

Like as vehicles, home usually already have home insurance while the credit period. That's because the insurance becomes mandatory to be implemented by banks or finance companies . So, after you've finished home loan, it is advisable to keep protect the insurance subscription. If necessary until your lifetime and continued until grandchildren.[by insurance info]
In Building or remodeling home, need for careful planning in order to reduce the risk of wasteful or discrepancies with the idea, the following tips in order to save costs during remodeling home on target:

5 Tips to Save Your Money During Remodeling Home

Define the concept of home renovation carefully

At this stage, we determine which parts of the house which we want to renovation / repair, how to design, whether we will reuse old material or not. If you want to use old material would be unloaded carefully to prevent damage. While useful in order to determine the design results in accordance with what we want. Because if the results do not match, we need more costs. By knowing the good concept also can help builders work faster.

Determine the quality of building materials to be used

If indeed our funds are limited, there is no harm we use mid quality goods or used goods. If we choose carefully, we can find second-hand goods but good quality.

The use of quality goods being for example for ceramic floors, wood, frame, or paint the interior. Ceramics are fitted with good technique can produce beautiful floor despite using medium quality ceramics. While parts of the compulsory use of the goods with good quality is at the foundation of the house, the water pipes are planted, the structure of the building , the roof frame. Can imagine when the last part of a leak or broken, of course we have to unpack again which means need to spend money again. For exterior paint is also recommended to use good quality because the outside of the house is usually exposed to rain, hot sun or humid air.

Eliminate one part of home renovation work

What is meant here is we are not doing a piece of work, so that time is used more quickly and can save costs. For example: without a plastered wall that can make the walls seem natural.

Selection of payment method

Consult to your architect about the method of payment to remodeling your home. If indeed we are sure what will be renovated and we already know the concept of home improvement is done, then it is better to use a contract system.

Choose the right time for home renovations

Home renovation should not be done during the rainy season, because the builders are doing this season may encounter difficulties. In addition, for the part that is outside is being renovated into a hard dry and can even be damaged.

(Ozora Kekaishi)
Before taking a loan, of course you have a consideration. Maybe there is consideration of the mode of payment, type of interest or other considerations. You must to think before applying a loan, and here are the following 6 consideration before taking a loan :

6 consideration before taking a loan

Reason to take a Loan

There are several reasons people take the debt, the debt of productive (good debt) and unproductive debt (bad debts). There are several versions of stating the productive debt (good debt) and unproductive debt (bad debts). What is productive debt (both debt)? Is the mortgage loan in good debt? Well for some mortgage loan is in good debt category, but mortgage loan can be a thing that is not appropriate for some people (in certain financial conditions).

A financial consultant in US named Robert T. Kiyosaki has an opinion on productive debt (good debt) and unproductive debt (bad debts).

According to Robert T. Kiyosaki all debts are paid by other people is good debt. So if the mortgage debt is paid by other people (eg buying a property in mortgages then leased to the warehouse) then the mortgage debt, is in good debt.

sources of loan repayment

The second consideration is the most forgotten when deciding to take on the debt or not. Sources of repayment become confusing when we had to pay the installment and interest of debt.

The solution is to think carefully how to pay the installment and interest of debt. If from active income, remember beforehand whether we already have a mortgage or not. It is not funny if we have active revenue $1,000 per month and we have to pay the mortgage and credit card is $800 per month. Try to keep the number of mortgage payments and credit card in maximum of 30% of active income. So if the monthly income of $ 1,0000 per month, the maximum installment preferably is $ 300 per month.

Type or Characteristics of Loan

There is some division of debts or debt characteristics, among others:

Based on Payment: single payment and installment. Examples of the single payment debt is small amounts debt. Examples debts paid by installments program (installment) is a vehicle debt, home ownership debt, accounts payable and other. And for loan with installment progtam is car loan, home loan, loan for business and others.

Based on the collateral: the debt with the guarantee of collateral (secured loans) and unsecured debt collateral (unsecured loans). Examples debt with collateral is payable at the bank, which generally secured by the house ownership certificate.

Based on debt interest can be divided into three kinds of variable rate debt (effective rate), fixed interest rate (flat rate) and interest annuity.

Based on due date of the loan can be divided into short-term loan and long-term loan. Short-term loan is typically with due date that less than one year, for example, credit card debt. And long-term loan is debt with due date more than one year, for example home loan.

Source Of Loan

Loan can come from many sources. Before taking a loan make sure the cost of the loan (interest and administrative costs) is the most inexpensive. Examples of efforts to fund cheaper to use than the interest payable with credit card.


The next consideration when we take the loan is collateral. Collateral is a guarantee on real assets whose value is generally at least equal to the amount of the loan. Example If a loan $10,000, the collateral must get more or at least equal $10,000.

The collateral adjusted for debt sources, eg when take loan from banks, home certificate collateral is an option that has a high enough ceiling.


There are risks when taking a loan is the risk of death of the owner of the debt and a decrease in the value of assets or collateral. Let's discuss the two main risks.

The first risk is the death of the owner of the debt. Have you ever hear the story of a child who was given a legacy of debt? Well it is one of the risks of taking loans. When the owner of the debt of developing critical illness or death, the debt burden of other people who do not owe. The solution in this case can be resolved with life insurance, emergency fund and appropriate inheritance strategies.

The second risk is the decrease in assets. This would never happen in US, when the subprime mortgage crisis. The illustration is Mr. XYZ buy a home with mortgage systems with Down Payment $5,000 from total debt of $45,000. When the house of Mr. XYZ offered in the market that the price of the house is only $25,000 (because of the crisis).

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